Turntables to spin those wonderful records for the best sound
vinyl albums

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Now that wax is back, playing these vinyl discs requires of course a turntable. Maybe you only want to spend the minimum to just have something to play your albums on. Or maybe now you’re ready to step up to high end turntable with various exotic components including carbon fiber tone arms and advanced cartridge designs. Either way, you’ll need a turntable to spin those records. If you are just starting out you might want to start on the lower end just to see if you can hear what you want. There are some people that just can’t hear the difference between low and high end components. But for those who can, it is always about upgrading. Vinyl music is not only fun to play and listen to, it’s also a great hobby for collectors and investors. Go ahead and pick out a turntable to play that rare licorice pizza!