vintage record labels

How many of the old record labels can you remember? Any of these sound familiar, Epic, Dot, Mercury, Deeca, Sun, Capital? There were a lot back in the 1960s. Some only recorded 1 or 2 records for some one hit wonders. Here is a little history on a couple of labels:

In 1960 Columbia Pictures established Colpix Records. Then in In 1964 Colpix acquired the Bell/Amy/Mala group. Eventually pop groups were recorded on the Bell label. Later Colpix became Colgems and began issuing records by the Monkees.

Phonogram in 1962 merged with Philips and Siemens. Philips, famous for electronics like TVs and radios, began issuing labels in 1950. Philips also is famous for being the company that introduced the cassette in 1963. All of these changes ultimately led up to the creation of PolyGram.

Jim Stewart and his sister Estelle Axton formed Stax Records in 1961 in Memphis. Berry Gordy formed a second label called Tamla Records in 1961, and the in 1962 created Gordy Records. The same year MCA acquired the complete Decca catalog. MCA Records started in 1962 with the acquisition of Decca USA and early Brunswick and Vocalion catalogs. Imperial Records was acquired by Liberty in 1963.

One of my favorite groups, the Lovin’ Spoonful recorded on Kama Sutra Records which later merged with Buddah Records creating a bubble gum pop label.

Gulf and Western bought Dot Records in 1965, making it a part of the ABC group which later bought Dunhill creating the ABC-Dunhill record label. Creedence Clearwater Revival put Fantasy Records on the map in 1968. Frank Sinatra’s label Reprise was bought up by Warner. And The Beatles created Apple Records in 1968.

There are lots of labels with lots of stories. If you have some good record label trivia let everyone know right here.

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