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Building a Vinyl Record Collection

Where do you start when you’re trying to build a collection? If you don’t have a clear goal in mind, buying from a record store can be overwhelming, and not every city has a record store to start with.

A great collection does not have to cost as much as you might think, and in order to find good things, you do not have to be the main character of “High Fidelity.” Would you like to get a lot for a little and beef up the range of your collection in one fell swoop? Shop at your local record store for the soundtrack and compilation sections, or look for them at your favorite thrift store.

Buying vinyl film soundtracks is a great way to get a lot for a little bit. If you’re trying to figure out the direction you want your collection to go in, or just learning about new music without making a big investment, there’s a great value to albums that can expose you to a bunch of various artists at once.

If you’re interested in disco, or a certain genre, like funk or soul, a different record of artists, like a best-of-record … It’s a nice way to make a wide swath of a genre. It’s a nice way to spread your awareness without spending a lot of money on certain artists or genres. If on the back of the album you recognize one or two songs or bands, great. That might mean that you’re going to be into the other stuff out there, too. Movie soundtracks are an incredible source for that. Soundtracks in vinyl are huge right now. Particularly popular are soundtracks from classic movies of the 80s and 90s.

Spend some time at thrift stores and record stores digging through bins, looking for things that excite you, especially the bargain bins, if you’re on a budget. Don’t be afraid to go in and pick up whatever looks interesting to you without an agenda. At first, it might feel intimidating, but finding a diamond in the rough could be exhilarating enough to get you hooked. Don’t be afraid to go to a record store or thrift shop and just see what you are connected to. In the end, this is about happiness, and it’s really important to use your aesthetic judgment, too.

It doesn’t have to be a big investment to take a chance on records that intrigue you. For a dollar or less, many thrift stores sell vinyl. You can find exciting music without spending a lot at all, if you’re willing to put in a little time. Think of your happiness as a tiny investment. Look at the corners of the cover when you come across an album which intrigues you. The record is probably not in great condition, either, if they look banged up. If the cover is in excellent condition, it is likely that the vinyl is too.

Remember, it’s not all about money. Your collection should also be about what it’s worth to you.

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