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How This Musical Journey Started

I remember those days growing up when my brother and I, and all of our pals, would hang out in the basement racing slot cars and listening to albums. We'd listen to The Monkees, The Turtles, The Beatles, The Bryds, and The Animals. Sort of a musical zoo. But it was great. We had a Zenith console stereo and it sounded great. It looked pretty cool too being all wood with louvered speaker doors. My little sister needed a babysitter now and then, and the girl my mom hired was a cutie. Of course us guys had to try and impress her. Never worked, but she listened to the Monkees over and over.

The Recording Sessions

All that music made we want to learn how to play guitar. Well, I took some lessons and was bored to tears. So in college, I took an elective guitar course. But once again I thought it was taking too long to get where I wanted to be. So I decided to write my own songs. I really enjoyed doing that. Then in 1993, I was asked to write music for some dressage musical freestyle competitions. It's a long story, but the result was a CD of music that I wrote for the sport. There are some links below for you to listen and buy the CD, and a TV news story to give you an idea what was going on with the project.

But here is the reason why I'm telling you this story. When I went into the studio to record, the first question the sound engineer had was whether I wanted to record in an analog or digital format. I really had not even thought about it. So he had me put on some headphones and listen to the background sound for analog. You could hear some hiss, but it was very crisp sounding. Then digital, it was new, it was silent, and there was absolutely no background sound. So he sold me on digital.

A Happy Beginning

About the time I finished the recording, dressage freestyles were gaining popularity. When the CD was released it did well in the equestrian world, but I was really disappointed at how muffled the sound seemed. No one ever said anything but it always bothered me. That is why I created this website. Because as we all know now, the hiss, crackle, and pop isn't the sound some cereals make, it's the awesome quality of vinyl.  I hope you like the items I have selected to showcase on this website. Whether you are a new or seasoned audiophile, enjoy these resources as I continue to add to them.

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