Wax is back! Older adults are enjoying the nostalgic journey of spinning records and listening to some of their favorite albums. But the young adults under 25 are actually making up half of the buyers of vinyl records. Downloading an album, and not having something tangible to hold, is normal now. But once the ears have listened to the clear sounds vinyl offers, there is no denying that the quality is fantastic. Even with the quiet pops and hisses the needle touching wax produces, it’s all a part of the listening experience that will have any music lover hooked. This new found love for vinyl comes with some bonuses. Not only the great sound awaiting you, but also for the collector and investor, you have a multifaceted hobby with some cool rewards. Whatever reason you are getting back into vinyl, or just being exposed for the first time, you will have everything you need right here. New releases, vintage albums, sound equipment, price guides and more. This is the place to find the best suggestions for enjoying vinyl now that Wax Is Back!

Whether you are looking for the new multi-colored vinyl records, or some valuable classic albums, this is a great place to start. Take a look at some of the album covers. Do they bring back some great memories? If not, it's time to make some!

Turntable technology has improved quite a bit sinse the first days of playing 33s and 45s. Now you will find options like floating motor mounts, multi-belt drive systems, moving magnet stereo cartridges, and adjustable anti-skating systems.

Audio components are the main source for getting the most out of the crisp sound of vinyl records. Now in addition to the high quality of sound delivered, options like voice control, internet capabilities, and more, are waiting for you to enjoy.

One of the big changes in listening enjoyment and speaker orientation is the wireless feature found on many new models. No more wires is a fantastic new innovation. And bluetooth capabilities just adds to some of the new refinements in audio.

Headphones are now more comfortable than ever. First timers will be blown away by the stereo separation of all of the different instruments. Options like active noise cancellation, you will hear the bass and treble like never before!

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